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Advantages of Soft Tissue Laser Treatment

How laser treatment from your periodontists in Metairie, LA, can help improve your smile

If you need periodontal treatment, you need to know about soft tissue laser treatment. Lasers have a long history of safety and effectiveness in many aspects of medicine and dentistry, including periodontics. Your periodontist is an expert at treating the periodontium, which includes the gums, ligaments, and fibers surrounding your teeth. One of the tools your periodontist uses is laser treatment.

Dr. Eric Hebert at Dental Implants and Periodontics of Louisiana, in Metairie, LA, offers a wide range of periodontal and implant services, including soft tissue laser treatment to improve your smile.

Lasers offer important benefits and advantages, like these:

  • Fast treatment; lasers work much faster than conventional dental tools, which will shorten your time in the dental chair.
  • Precise results; laser cutting ability is precise, so you can count on less bleeding and little to no scarring.
  • Increased comfort; lasers are much more comfortable than using conventional tools, so you will have a shorter recovery with little to no side effects.

The light and heat from lasers also kill the bacteria which cause periodontal disease, to provide you with better oral health.

Some of the most common uses of lasers for soft tissue therapy include:

  • Recontouring and reshaping gum tissue, to give you a more balanced, more appealing smile
  • Removing excess gum tissue, to reveal more of your smile
  • Eliminating deep periodontal pockets, to promote a healthy tissue-to-tooth attachment

When you need periodontal treatment, don’t settle for old-school dental instruments and techniques. You deserve the best treatment available, and that’s dental laser treatment.

To learn more about the advantages of soft tissue laser treatment and how it can help your smile, call Dr. Eric Hebert at Dental Implants and Periodontics of Louisiana, in Metairie, LA. You can reach them at (504) 885-2611, so call today!

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